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This is an article I wrote for FANGLE Magazine in October, 2017.

The past few years, we have watched the world of makeup evolve into a movement. Instagram has become impossible to scroll through without seeing at least one person looking bomb as hell showing off their makeup. Doing makeup has gained popularity past only women using it as well. Everyone and anyone can, and are, getting their makeup brushes dirty to paint masterpieces onto their faces. At the forefront of this makeup movement is none other than Rihanna.

Rihanna recently released her Fenty makeup line, and it is taking the world by storm. She is one of the first to authentically create a makeup line for everyone.

Women of color often struggle to find shades of makeup that match their skin tone. Shades just don’t go dark enough, and companies don’t offer a wide enough variety to those outside the majority. It’s been an issue that is brought up constantly, but never fully addressed. Many brands are halfheartedly trying to advertise themselves as companies that have something for everyone, but never has it felt as genuine as Rihanna’s attempt (and success).

Fenty Beauty has one of the most diverse selections of foundation shades compared to any other startup beauty company. Each product in the line has multiple different colors, shades, or tones ranging from very pale skin tones to very dark ones. Whoever browses the line will find something that works for them.

“The color options RiRi has for foundation is amazing and a step forward for the makeup industry,” Mason Williams, a Psychology senior at Ohio University says. “I think all of the shades she included show how much [she] appreciates diversity in the world and believe in the beauty in people’s differences.”

Rihanna isn’t the first celebrity to dabble in makeup, but she is one of the first to have such little criticism of the quality of her products.

Rihanna is using her platform as a public figure to prompt change. Not only is she hardcore producing products for all skin tones, but the line isn’t sold in China because they require animal testing on beauty products which she refuses to do.

“Rihanna is an icon as-is and her evident passion and her opinions played a large role in her makeup line, which makes me even more intrigued to try it out,” Lauren Napoliello, another senior at Ohio University says.

It’s not surprising that Rihanna is the one to fully immerse herself in inclusive makeup. She is an icon to so many people because she has never strayed from who she is. Celebrities are constantly rebranding themselves to fit the changes in society and pop culture, but Rihanna has consistently stayed true to who she is.

“She is using her platform in such a positive way and I think more influencers of her stature need to note because she’s bringing it and she’s not going to stop anytime soon,” Noah Smith, a cosmetologist from Indianapolis, says.

She is an inspiration and holds herself with a grace that you do not see much anymore. She is a role model in the truest sense of the phrase. She speaks up for what she believes in and she fights for what is right.

Rihanna is a woman that everyone should want to be like: successful, humble and compassionate. Fenty cosmetics can be found both in stores and online, with more products coming soon.

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