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"Get Out" Film Review

Jordan Peele has rid himself of the “funny guy” title in his directorial debut, “Get Out,” an American horror film with a string of satirical points that leave the audience with a lot to think about.

Daniel Kaluuya plays Chris, a black man who goes on a weekend trip to meet his girlfriend, Rose’s (Allison Williams), family at their home in the woods. As soon as they arrive, Chris is visibly uncomfortable, and as the film goes on, he has more and more reason to be.

Interactions with Rose’s family members at a party put on by her parents, played by Catherine Keener and Bradley Whitford, become more and more bizarre as the day goes on, until Chris wants no more of it and decides he wants to go home.

As soon as it is decided that Chris and Rose will leave, chaos ensues.

Kaluuya delivers an excellent performance as a terrified black man who is surrounded, trapped and nearly enslaved by psychotic white people.

Straying from his typical lighthearted, humorous style, Peele wrote and directed a brilliant film. He combines the perfect amount of horror, comedy and satire to create a film that will leave you speechless. There are parts that are difficult to watch, and there are parts that are nearly impossible not to erupt in laughter that create a work that has a strong message for the audience about the treatment of black people in America.

It is not only the acting and the storytelling that should be praised, but also the sophisticated attention to detail. Rose seemed to always be wearing some combination of red, white or blue: a statement on how sneaky America has become with its systematic racism. Small comments are made at the beginning of the film that tie up to create a beautiful bow at the end.

This film was not just thrown together by a cast and crew who wanted to make a profit. It was carefully thought out and executed by a talented group of artists who wanted to make a statement. And make a statement they did.

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