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Press Release - Health & Wellness

Teaching Traditions: Health & Wellness and Non-Hotel Lodging in the Hospitality Industry

Saturday, March 17, Florence University of the Arts will be holding the fourth annual Apicius Confrence at Corso dei Tintori 21 starting at 9:30 with events planned until 18:00.

The event centers around health, wellness and non-hotel lodging trends in the hospitality industry with a focus on how those trends directly affect various hospitality and travel services and the consumers they are targeting.

Opening Remarks will be given by Eugenio Giani, President of Regional Council of Tuscana; Lapo Baroncelli, Vice President of Confindustria Toscana and Umberto Gori, FUA Conference Coordinator.

There will then be a Keynote Speech given by Kevin Murphy, author and chair member of Hospitality Services Department at Rosen College of Hospitality Management followed by a book presentation of his and Manuel Rivera’s book, “The Value of Study Abroad Externships in Hospitality Education: Experiential Learning.”

There will be two professional panels, with speakers such as Luxury Accommodation Professionals Gloria Mottini and Alessandra Andreani and Andrea Adams, Global Marketing and Sales Professional and FUA faculty member.

There will also be a blind tasting experience of 12 different high-quality Italian wines, brought by the students of Viticulture and Enology, a short break for coffee, a presentation and tasting session with Apicius Culinary Arts, Baking and Pastry students.

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