My Code of Ethics

I have created a personal code of ethics specific to my values as a professional. I chose to include values that will remain relevant to me throughout my changing career. This code acts as the foundation of standards that will ensure my success as a professional in any industry.

Act Independently

  • I will remain objective always and not allow outside factors to influence decisions I make in the workplace.

  • I will work collaboratively with colleagues, but never compromise my morals, or the morals of my employer to successfully finish a project or close a deal. 

Act with Integrity

  • I will not be tempted by bribes and will always act in accordance with fair and inclusive company policies.

  • I will refuse to obtain information from any source that is not credible.

  • I will be loyal to my employer and put the success of the company before personal gain.


Be Accountable

  • I will take responsibility for my actions in the workplace and respond quickly and thoughtfully to the critiques of my colleagues and superiors. 

  • I will hold myself to the same standards I hold other professionals. 

  • I will clarify when a mistake has been made and fix it in a timely manner.


Be Adaptable 

  • I won’t allow myself to become stuck in a workplace routine and will be able to quickly/efficiently modify strategies to successfully complete any project. 

  • I will continually educate myself on new information and ideas pertaining to my position.

  • I will always keep an open mind and attitude when collaborating with others.

Be Curious 

  • I will never stop asking questions when I am unsure of something or wish to know more about a topic.

  • I will not blindly accept information given to me and will conduct thorough research on any topic I am not fully knowledgeable.

  • I will not let fear of looking foolish prevent me from asking questions when I am not completely certain of something. 


*When creating my personal code of ethics, I referenced the official codes of ethics of the Society of Professional Journalists as well as the Public Relations Society of America for format and wording purposes.